Wednesday, June 27, 2018


Stallholder blog post for Beehold

A couple of months back I did something that’s not unusual. I approached the beekeeper Alf Crighton at my local farmer’s market and started a conversation. The subject itself wasn’t so remarkable; we just talked bees, and about the amazing benefits and uses for natural, local honey and beeswax. That conversation started a friendship, and ideas flowed. With the availability of Alf’s great beeswax and honey my husband Edwin and I have become artisans of some beautiful handmade products. We launched a business, Beehold with a simple goal - to provide environmentally-friendly household products that are so simple, beautiful, economical and sustainable that our customers won’t miss their store-bought synthetics. I thank Alf, because, with local supplies and support this is a realistic aspiration.

                        Crystal Charles from Beehold and beekeeper Alf Crighton
One of our products is reusable beeswax food wraps. If you’re new to food wraps they are a bacteria resistant alternative to plastic wraps, ziplock bags and other plastic kitchen storage. We used to cringe using cling film knowing it would be used once and end up in landfill. The ingredients of the wraps - beeswax, coconut oil and pine resin on cotton fabric. It’s all natural and will one day go back to the earth. Did I mention they are bacteria resistant? The ingredients naturally keep your food fresh.
Plus they are so cute! I’ve chosen high quality fabrics in a range of themes. My current favourites are the geo designs. Bold and bright :)
We believe sustainability means producing quality products with a decent lifespan. So not only have we taken great care in choosing quality local ingredients and fabrics to begin with, we encourage customers to get back in touch once their wraps are no longer sticky and we will renew them the first time for free.  Our packaging is 100% biodegradable.

Beehold's three wrap pack, in Geo design, with biodegradable packaging
Want something a little different to what you see? Happy to find a custom solution, even name printing so you won’t lose them at school or work.
But food wraps are just the beginning. We also have a line of beautiful skin care products made with all natural ingredients designed to face the harsh Australian environment. Our beeswax body butter has been very popular for locals battling the cold, dry, windy weather.

                        Heavenly beeswax body butter is a moisturiser with a breathable barrier to the elements
Try these products and more at The Toowoomba Handmade Expo Markets, 29th July at the Harristown High School Auditorium. Tip: stop by on your way out so you can also grab a bucket of honey for the road!
Get in touch with me through facebook or my website for more information and future market times.

Crystal Charles

Beehold Founder and Artisan

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