Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bubba Chenille is having a SALE SALE SALE

Hi Everyone

We just had to let you know that Bubba Chenille is having a sale... Buy one and get the second 1/2 price... If you head over to the Etsy store to check out all the great items for sale... and shop away.

It starts on 1st August and you would be happy to know that quite a few Brisstylettes are taking part.

So, DO NOT HESITATE. Head on over and grab yourself the deal of the century.

Liesa, Micky & Miriam

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Warwick...been, gone and FABULOUS

Hi Everyone.

We would like to give you a great update on our Warwick market...

The 3 of us left Toowoomba at 5:00am to arrive at the Warwick Indoor Recreation and Aquatic Centre at 6:00am. It was freezing cold, our fingers and toes almost dropped off and we are not being dramatic. We were very lucky to have Cass and Rach from Minnah Designs make up some fabulous beanies for us which we picked up on the Friday night. We could not and would not wait until the Saturday cause we knew what we were in for with the weather. We had been watching it all week and being kept up to date by our stallholders daily.

Cute hey? Not us, the beanies!!!

So, the 3 of us measured out the whole pavilion for the 70 stallholders in 1 hour. This was an amazing effort which kept us very very warm. We opened the doors at 7:30am as promised. It was so great to see some of a regs as well as some newbies.

The morning was amazing. We were averaging 200 customers an hour. It started to slow down a bit in the arvo so Micky and I took the streets with our Handmade Expo corflute signs yelling out to the public that we were on and that they could find us at the WIRAC. We did this while looking at the warm and dressed up trees lining the main street. We had lots of fun doing this and ended up drawing quite a crowd. Now seriously, how dedicated are we? Who else would do something like this??? LOL (lots of laughs for readers who are not up with the jargon)!!!

So, all in all, we ended up with 800 very happy customers through the door.

Here are some photos of our wonderful stallholders:

Our famous cupcake girls

Cute as Buttons of course

Beth Hunter with her warm woolies

Michelle Poole from Vintage Visions

Mr Keeble...We told you that you were officially blogged..loving your beanie.

Jacqui Keeble with her beautiful bags

Melanie with her gourmet choccies.

Our wonderful Minnah Girls (cass and rach)

This is just a small taste of what was available in Warwick and also a very small taste of what will be available at our next market at the Ipswich Turf Club on 15th August.

Thanks to Warwick for inviting us to the Jumpers & Jazz Festival, to the customers who came from all over South East Queensland and of course to all the Stallholders who continue to support The Handmade Expo.

Liesa, Micky & Miriam

Friday, July 17, 2009

Jumpers and Jazz Festival in Warwick tomorrow !

Tomorrow is the big day when we all head off to Warwick for the annual Jumpers and Jazz festival.
Being invited to bring all our handmadies with us is a real privelidge and we are looking forward to it with excitement and anticipation.
We open at 10 am and have over 70 stalls of lovely handmade goods on offer for you, We finish at 4pm, this will give you a good opportunity to scout around the town also and check out some Jazz and lots of dressed up trees.
Entry is only $2 for adults and kids are free.
Get in early as we have heard there'll be lots and lots of busses full of people coming to town for the day !
Don't forget your hat, scarf, coat, beanie and gloves and anything else that will keep you warm. We are indoors though so that's one good thing, we are in the Aquatic Centre, next to the park at the Toowoomba end of the main st, (Palmerin St if you want to google , or there is a map at the bottom of this blog)

We look forward to seeing you there tomorrow !

Miriam, Liesa and Micky. Come and say Hi ! :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Check out our FULL a little bit on Warwick

Hi Everyone.

Check out our amazing FULL PAGE ad in this weeks Ipswich Independent.

We thought we would kick our advertising campaign off early. With our first birthday and GOURMET FRESH, we thought that we would get peoples juices flowing with the excitement of the change.

Hope you like it.

We shard a double spread with Handmade Heaven...this looks pretty amazing as well.

We just need to confirm that there will be food and drink available at our Warwick market on Saturday...lots of hot choccies with marshies will be on the most popular list for sure!.

We got an email from Judy from Mango Wednesday Cermaics and she advised that it was minus 1 in Warwick this morning...brrrrr

See you Saturday..We would say with bells on, but it will be way to cold for lets say with beanies, gloves and scarves on.

Liesa, Micky & Miriam

Friday, July 10, 2009

Warwick Weather

Hi Everyone

So, we were talking to a couple of locals the other day and they mentioned that "the wind is coming off some snow somewhere!!!!"
OMG!, it is going to be so cold next Saturday....

We have been told to rug up...Beanies, Gloves, Scarves and dress in layers.

We think any chance to wear the above is GREAT.

I can imagine a whole lot of you will be running out next week purchasing some very needed essentials!

Happy shopping.

Liesa, Micky & Miriam

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Handmade Heaven - A FINALIST

Hi Everyone

We are so proud to announce that Handmade Heaven is a finalist under the New Business category for the 2009 Ipswich News Business Achiever Awards.

Keep your ears and eyes posted for new details....

Congrats Liesa

Micky & Miriam (and liesa too)!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Brisstyle Market - TOMORROW

Hi Everyone.

Put your hand up if you love shopping on ETSY and love buying HANDMADE and love buying local?

Pick us!!!

Well, you now have an opportunity to purchase locally handmade goodies from local ETSY sellers. Meet the creators in person.

Here are the details:

So,if you arent busy head on down.

Liesa, Micky & Miriam

ps...Dont forget to vote for Handmade Heaven for the Best New Business Achiever Award. Head on over to the blog to see further details

Handmade Heaven - Nominate

Hi Everyone.

Handmade Heaven has been nominated for The Best New Business Achiever Awards 2009 for Ipswich.

Why not scoot over to
and nominate.

The address for Handmade Heaven is: Shop #11, The Old Flour Mill, 231 Brisbane St, Ipswich, 4305 and contact number is 0422876154.

Thanks heaps for all of your support and fingers crossed.

Micky & Miriam (and Liesa too)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Oz Handmade

Hi Everyone.

I have finally gotten around to giving Michelle a plug about her new and wonderful website called Oz Handmade

OZ Handmade was launched in April 2009 as a means of providing online shoppers access to a broad range of quality handmade Australian items, from Australian sellers.

The site is owned and operated by Michelle, a stay-at-home Mum (SAHM) daughter Kiara, who was born in 2008. When she is not working on the site, she enjoys shopping, cooking and doing whatever Kiara dictates (which usually involves watching lots of Yo Gabba Gabba or In The Night Garden on TV - such a tough gig, this Mum thing!).

Starting with items such as children's clothing and accessories, toys and women's jewellery, Michelle hopes to continually expand the range of products offered to ultimately become a one-stop shop for everything handmade.

OZ Handmade also has it's own store on the site which will be used to offer goods not already available through existing stores. Think of it as a 'lucky dip' of sorts as the range is forever changing :)

Should you have any queries about opening a store of your own please contact Michelle on

I have been on the website and it is a lovely little site.

Thanks heaps
Liesa, Micky & Miriam