Friday, July 17, 2009

Jumpers and Jazz Festival in Warwick tomorrow !

Tomorrow is the big day when we all head off to Warwick for the annual Jumpers and Jazz festival.
Being invited to bring all our handmadies with us is a real privelidge and we are looking forward to it with excitement and anticipation.
We open at 10 am and have over 70 stalls of lovely handmade goods on offer for you, We finish at 4pm, this will give you a good opportunity to scout around the town also and check out some Jazz and lots of dressed up trees.
Entry is only $2 for adults and kids are free.
Get in early as we have heard there'll be lots and lots of busses full of people coming to town for the day !
Don't forget your hat, scarf, coat, beanie and gloves and anything else that will keep you warm. We are indoors though so that's one good thing, we are in the Aquatic Centre, next to the park at the Toowoomba end of the main st, (Palmerin St if you want to google , or there is a map at the bottom of this blog)

We look forward to seeing you there tomorrow !

Miriam, Liesa and Micky. Come and say Hi ! :)

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nifty thrifty said...

How on earth do you manage to juggle so much stuff? You make, you sell AND you organise events too? I'm sat here in a T-Shirt so it's hard to imaging it being really cold. Though we do have bucket loads of rain. When I'm sat here freezing - you'll be in T-Shirts AND you'll have sunshine too! Hope the next event goes well x