Monday, May 22, 2017


Stallholder Profile for Teeny Weeny Faeries

Your name: Tina Aleida 

Your business name and facebook/website name and link: Teeny Weeny Faeries and
The suburb/town you live in now: Sunshine Coast Qld 
What is it that you make and what skills do you use?: Children's Entertainer, Face painter, Costume creations.

How long have you been creating?: I started my business 16 years ago, I now have 3 extra faeries/pirates as helpers where I myself can't make it.

Where do you sell your creations?: We attend parties and events and will soon be attending The Handmade Expo. 

What makes you so special or different?: As a special extra we dress as a Faerie or Pirate to create that something special for any event or occasion, we aim to bring a smile to everyone's face, spread some love and happiness bring a special essence something to remember for that special occasion. We also bring a little gift for the birthday child, and treasures and stickers for all of the children for a little extra.

What is the most rewarding part of what you do?: This work is a beautiful and rewarding thing to do as it brings smiles excitement and happiness to that special occasion or person. We also create Faerie costumes and wings, made to order, especially to suit your taste in colour and style
Do you teach classes or workshops?: No but we are available through bookings and anytime, and will travel.

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