Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Stallholder Profile for Molly's Kaleidoshades

Your Name: Shirley (Molly) Galpin

Your Business Name and facebook/website link: Molly's Kaleidoshades,

Where do you live?: Has recently moved from country Victoria and now lives in Nambour.

Molly has over 20 years experience working with glass, copper foil, wire, hand painted fabric and other recycled objects to create beautiful richly coloured art, recycled vintage crockery made into jewellery.  

Her unique designs come in the forms of glass lampshades, mirrors, personalised figurines, leadlight windows, jewellery and other functional pieces.  More recently, Molly has been painting fabric with acrylic and sewing her paintings into tote bags, cushions, placemats and wall paintings with a naive style. These paintings have also been used as lampshades made out of a hand twisted wire frame to form tent like appearance.

She considers herself to be a hobbyist and has had a successful 20 yrs creating and selling her unique work.

Molly also hosts workshops to share her skills with others and will create pieces for you on request.

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