Monday, May 22, 2017


Stallholder Profile for Oopsy Daisy Kids, Childers

Name:  Sue Anderson

Business name:  Oopsy Daisy Kids, Childers  

Where do you live now?: Childers 4660

What do you make and what skills do you use?: I make Vintage Clothes for Children and Boho baby Rompers. Also Nursery décor.

What inspired you to start your business?: I am also a photographer. I was having great difficulty sourcing unique and good quality clothing, so I started making my own. People loved them, wanted to purchase them, so that's how it began.

How long have you been creating?: My Aunty taught me to sew as a child. I have always sewn. But as a full time business, only 5 years.

Full time or part time business?: It is now my main business. I still love my photography though.

Where do you sell your goods?: The Handmade Expo.  I will be selling online when my website is completed. Also online...For the Love of Australian handmade

What makes you so special?: I am so particular, so my products are of the highest quality.  I source fabric from all over Australia and also America. I have a particular brand, and I adhere to it. This being Vintage and Boho. I don't mass produce clothes. So each one is pretty unique.

What is the most rewarding part of what I do?: For sure hearing wonderful comments from the customers. Also I am delighted to see a customer return for more clothes.
Not often do I see kids wearing my creations, but when I do, my heart is fill with joy and pride

Favourite product to make?: Without a doubt ....Rompers. I love them to bits

Do you teach workshops?: No, I don't do workshops

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