Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Stallholder Profile for Landon Calling

  • Your name: Kristen Kachel

  • The suburb/town you live in now: Nanango, QLD

  • What is it that you make and what skills do you use? I specialise in modern silicone jewellery to aid in focus for breastfeeding babies, as well as custom design ‘Mummy’ jewellery, children’s acrylic jewellery & other accessories. I use basic design skills as well as beading skills.

  • What inspired you to start your business? My son was always too distracted by everything going on around him while breastfeeding & had a habit of pulling on my expensive gold chain, so I decided to create a range of safe, non-toxic necklaces to help him keep focused while feeding. It worked really well & I was soon having requests from friends to make some for them as well, and so Landon Calling was born.

  • How long have you been ‘creating’? The 30th August 2017 marked the two year birthday of Landon Calling.

  • Is it a full time/ part time/hobby or business? It’s a part time hobby for me. I use it as a creative outlet & to grab a little bit of ‘me time’ every once in a while.

  • Where do you sell your creations?: I sell online via my website (landoncalling.bigcartel.com), Facebook, Instagram & local markets. 

  • What makes what you do special or different? My products are different from the norm as I place a heavy focus on the necklaces, & bracelets being a breastfeeding accessory while other businesses use similar products for teething accessories or with a focus as Mummy jewellery. I design each necklace with modern style & practicality in mind so they remain versatile, & can go from a Sunday BBQ to a wedding with ease.

  • What is the most rewarding part of what you do? Knowing that every time my necklaces are worn, I help to make a Mummy smile & her breastfeeding journey that little bit easier.

  • What is your favourite product that you make? Custom designs. I love working with a requested colour palette to create a one of a kind design.

  • Do you teach classes or workshops? Not at this stage but it is definitely in the works for the future!

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