Monday, August 10, 2015

Stallholder profile gecko Grove Fine Foods

Stallholder Profile Gecko Grove Fine Foods

When did we start and why?

Gecko Grove Fine Foods is a family operation. We live on acreage just outside Gatton. We have always enjoyed cooking and gardening. In January 2013, we decided to use the wonderful produce of the Lockyer Valley to make a range of preserves. In the days before freezer, preserving was used to store seasonal food.  Today supermarket shelves are full of preserved food in bottles, cans or freezer packs but often the factory process of preserving has robbed the food of flavour or filled it with additives.

What do we make?-

Our preserves are made in small batches our licenced home kitchen with traditional methods. They feature mainly local Valley produce and other produce from South East Queensland. We like to give every a little gourmet twist like slow roasting some of the vegetable or adding  a touch of spice to a jam.
What do we love about our business?
We love making our preserves. We get to shop at local farms for fresh produce and experiment with complimentary spices. We also use fruit from the many backyard fruit trees in the area – fruit that is otherwise wasted. We travel the world by cook book in our own kitchen. We love the challenge of being inventive with the local produce. For example, the Lockyer Valley grows a lot of tomatoes. Of course, we had to make a tomato relish like my mother in law makes and everyone loves – even Bob who hates tomatoes. But why stop there? We have Tomato and Tamarind Chutney, Tomato Kasundi, Tomato and Pepper Sauce – and we are still coming up with new products.

Our Customers?

People buy our products for special gifts and for everyday eating. They like the fact that we make a range – mild and spicy, chunky and smooth, sweet and tangy – something for every taste.

An old lady who was given some of our jam contacted me to say thank you. “To Barbara, with many thanks for your lovely homemade jams and all.  They remind me of the past when I was growing up and things tasted like the fruit they were made of” R.A 

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