Tuesday, August 25, 2015

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Growing up I was a bush bower bird..collecting bits of broken china and glass, feathers and anything  bright that caught my eye… spending time in the bush with my pony, using wire to fix things, picking up stones…I began to see the sometimes hidden beauty of nature at an early age..even now  when the cabbage gums drop their silvery, purple bark to become  bright orange continues to fascinate me. I remember having a collection of broken egg shells just because I liked the patterns.”  Making Do” in the bush led me to believe, as I still do, that there are no real right ways to do things....just what works best at the time…This is the basis of my innovativeness ..I put things together in a way that work .
  I am the proud daughter of an amazing artist and my mother was a fabulous dressmaker and fashionista . So she drafted and sewed the latest designs and I was always  dressed in the latest fashion.  Jewellery and accessories in the bush were very rare so I made mine to match each outfit.  I still have all my long dresses that I hand beaded and the accessories that went with. So adorning is as natural as breathing to me.
I studied school at home , art and business  at university and then have been a  potter, a bead store owner, art teacher [also did I mention a fish farmer, grazier and am currently a  safari operator in another life.. I am a mother but our  kids have grown and gone from  home but  I still have
‘precious collection of beads and stuff but now I also now have a collection of opinionated animals....birds, dogs, deer and a camel .
  Some of my favourite highlights have been runner up in the Australian Wool awards, pieces selected and exhibited in the prestigious  for Santa Fa Bead exposition and winning  the title of Southern Downs ABC Rural Woman of the year” and being runner up for the state in 1997 because of my  reinventing objects of the drought and giving them  new life … I find it hard to throw ”interesting”  things away  and I often have things stashed for a while until they come to life again with a new story of creation .making it truly special. 
  I love the joy people have when they wear a piece of my jewellery and how special they say they feel when other people comment on their jewellery. I think people respond to colour and my work is colourful, especially my hand-painted beads, it’s whimsical nature naturally spreads joy and smiles.  Life is for living, why not make it a colourful one too!  

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