Thursday, May 28, 2015

Stallholder Profile Fairybutterfly Handmade

Our newest Stallholder attending our new Toowoomba Handmade and Vintage Market is Fairybutterfly Handmade

Business name : Fairybutterfly Handmade 

Suburb/Town : Toowoomba, Qld

What I make and skills used: 
cross-stitch items, hand stitched cards, softies (both sewn and crochet), quilts (patchwork and appliqué), bags, clothes, hair ties, headbands, and there are plans for mobiles for babies as well.

What inspired me to start the business: 
Lack of room to keep everything I was making and the love of making and creating.

How long I've been creating: 
My mother first taught me to cross-stitch when I was about 10 years old, the passion has grown from there. I started making my first quilt when I found out I was expecting a girl and I finished it for her for her 2nd christmas, she's now 4.

Is it a full time/part time hobby/or business: 
It's a little bit of everything. I don't get nearly as much time to create as I'd like as I am currently also studying a diploma of Digital Media Technologies full time as well as working casually in a shoe store and have 2 kids.

Where I sell my creations: 
Through the new  Toowoomba Handmade Expo and Vintage Market, Facebook, the Toowoomba Rock-A-Bye boutique markets, ,the Toowoomba Occasional Market and a local handmade store called Fairymadness and Friends, as well as other markets on occasion. I am also currently looking into other online avenues as well.

What makes what I do special or different: 
I only ever do unique creations and 1 off pieces. I may use the same pattern repeatedly but it will always be unique.

What is the most rewarding part: 
Seeing the look on peoples faces when they fall in love with an item I've made.

What is my favourite product: 
Probably the softies. It's tempting to keep every single one

Do I teach classes/workshops: 
Not currently no.

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