Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Stallholder profile...Outback Heart and Craft

New stallholder profile is Outback Heart and Craft

Your name: 

Business name 
Outback Heart and Craft 

The suburb/town you live: 
Logan, Qld

What is it that you make and what skills do you use? 
I source great quality, handmade items from our rural craftspeople who due to distance and location may not get the exposure they deserve for their items. Where possible our items have a rural look / to them and each of our items have a spiel written by their creator so that customers can understand exactly where their piece is coming from.

What inspired you to start your business? 
Having worked in Outback Qld for quite a few years I was able to see firsthand the hidden talents of our bush. Having moved back to Brisbane I am now in a position I can support our rural people through showcasing their wonderful items and telling their story to a much larger audience.

How long have you been ‘creating’? 
Outback Heart and Craft has only been established since January 2015 and we have only recently begun the market scene after researching our ideal locations and sourcing items to sell.

Is it a full time/ part time/hobby or business? 
At this stage Outback Heart and Craft is a part time business / passion of mine which I would like to develop into a fulltime business.

Where do you sell your creations? 
Ipswich Handmade Expo, Mount Tamborine Markets and Twilight Makers Market, Raby Bay. You can also buy through our facebook page and we are looking to create a website in the future.

What makes what you do special or different? 
Wow! How do I summarise this part? Outback Heart and Craft is about showcasing the people of the bush - the heart of our Outback. Each person out there has their own story to tell - through teaching their children via Distance Education, drought, flood, working the property or having their husbands / family members working away and in general just being the most adaptable, resilient, welcoming people you will ever meet. These people, along with the passion of living on and working the land are also very talented in their own crafts, however due to sometimes isolation but always location can only get their crafts noticed via their own Facebook page or word of mouth. It is our goal to help bridge this distance through sourcing the pieces, some very unique and OOAK and showcasing them to you along with their story so that you too get an appreciation and a better understanding of our extremely talented people of the bush!

What is the most rewarding part of what you do? 
Sharing the stories but then also letting our suppliers know at the end of each market that one of their pieces has a new home - somewhere in this big city...

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