Thursday, January 8, 2009



Every now and then, we like to approach stallholders and ask them if they would like to be FEATURED on our blog.
This month, we have chosen the wonderful girls, Cassandra and Rachael from Minnah Designs. We asked them a few questions about themselves and about their wonderful handmade business that they have going on.

Question 1:
You guys are sisters right?
Yes, and Rachael is the oldest, contrary to everyones belief!!!!

Question 2:
When did you start Minnah Designs?
We are about to hit our 12 month milestone in February, it certainly is true, when they say time flies when your having fun.

Question 3:
Where does the name Minnah Designs come from?
The name minnah was first heard when Maclain, Rachael's son, would look out the window of the car on our many trips to country coffee shops. At first we thought he was just singing away, but the pointing and shouting at every windmill was a quick giveaway. We soon discovered that his word for windmill came out as minnah!

Questions 4:
What exactly do you make? and for what market?
Since having our own children, we found it hard to find anything other than the standard pink and blue throughout the stores, so we decided to change that. We make clothes from 3mths to about 5 years, from nappy covers to full outfits and back to our very original boot covers for kids, to be featured for the first time at Jondaryan Woolshed. We have even made outfits for little flower girls and page boys for weddings, not to mention Christmas and birthday outfits. We love doing The Handmade Expo in Ipswich and anywhere they are going and the Queens Park Markets in Toowoomba every third Sunday of the month.

Question 5:
Do you both sew?
We do both sew, it started with a great home economics teacher at school, and mum would always have the sewing machine out making us new things as kids. When we each turned 21 we were given a sewing machine that promptly lived in the cupboard for many years, then we started our own families and soon were giving those machines the workout they have been made for.

Question 6:
Where does your handmade flair come from?
As kids we can remember going to the local haberdashery store to help mum pick the fabric for our next outfit and any other little adornments we might be able get. We have always loved getting into everything 100%. So at our places anything goes, the bigger, brighter, the more unusual, the more we seem to love it

Question 7:
Why do you love handmade?
We love the originality of anything hande made. No one likes showing up dressed the same as someone else. It's great to be able to dress our kids and everyone elses in something unique, bright and very individual, just like our kids. We were also both given a handmade quilt from Mum for our weddings which was very original and got us
appreciating the hard work that goes into anything that is handmade.

Question 8:
How can our fabulous readers get in contact with you?
Rachael-0419 776 622 and Cassandra- 0400 022 253 or by post - PO Box 137, Southtown Qld 4350. You can also find us at The Handmade Expo in Ipswich or every 3rd Sunday in Queens Park Toowoomba.

We would love to take this opportunity to thank all our customers, especially those that return and bring friends. We love the feedback, and seeing the kids in our creations is such a great feeling, it just makes us want to get sewing even more!!

A big thanks to Rachael and Cassandra.
Here are some wonderful photos of their beautiful creations.
We have to admit that we have purchased from Minnah and put our kiddies in their wonderful creations...So a big thanks from us.
You can see them at The Handmade Expo on Australia Day and all The Handmade Expo markets.

From Liesa, Micky & Miriam


bubbachenille said...

I love your designs and your choice of fabrics. When you start making clothes for 40 + year olds let me know!!

Anonymous said...

I too love Minnah Designs.. My kiddies were lucky enough to have their xmas outfits made by the beautiful ladies Cassandra & Rachael. I look forward to every Handmade Expo to see what new and wonderful creations they have thought up next. Love your work.

Trish Goodfield said...

Love these Stallholder Feature posts. It gives me a chance to meet and see what other stall holders are up to. I rarely get a chance to at the expos. Keep them going.