Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Australia Day at Jondaryan - WELL DONE


A BIG well done to all of our Jondaryan Stallholders for braving the Woolshed and for getting into the Australia Day spirit. A nice day out had by most. We certainly enjoyed our day. The storms and rain held out for us all day, the weather was warm with the occasional breeze coming into the shed. A very busy morning from 10-12 with the crowds disappearing from about 1pm...not sure where they disappeared to, however, I am sure that a lot of the Stallholders would call it an "experience" to remember.
Here are a couple of photos with plenty more to come during the week.
A big congrats to MICKY for shearing a sheep. I am sure many of us can say that "we have never done that, nor will we ever". I have seen the bruises and we have proof by photos below...so well done!
A big thanks to all the customers who entered through the Woolshed, it was nice to see the admiration on their faces and the positive feedback about the high quality and standard of ALL stallholders.
Enjoy the photos and plenty more to come and don't forget..WE HAVE OUR BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS THIS WEEK SO KEEP AN EYE OUT...

Micky Shearing THE sheep

Micky, Minnah Girls (Cass and Rach) and Liesa

Liesa, Miriam & Micky

From Liesa, Micky & Miriam


Linda Lilly Cottage said...

Well done on your sheep shearing skills there!!! it was a little more than warm...it was HOT! and Muggy! but boy was it well organised and such a fabulous group of stall holders!! Thanks for organising such a big event and bouncing through the day..yes you girls bounce....I love that about you and whilst it was our first Handmade Expo event it was very memorable and we are already organising for March in Ipswich! Thanks once again for a job well done, Kiss Noises Linda Lilly Cottage.

Trish Goodfield said...

I don't know who was braver, Micki or the sheep? Well done Micki I wouldn't have done it.

Trish Goodfield said...

I'm sorry. I spelt Micky wrong.

Dorothy the Dinosaur said...

Well done again to all connected with this wonderful Handmade Expo, so glad you all had a good time and it was a success, it is always a lot of hard work but rewarding when all goes smoothly, Well done Micky, you were brave. We just sat and watched cricket with the family as they had become citizens 16 years ago so always a special day.

Anonymous said...

Geez everyone, thanks for your comments... I will take a photo of the developing bruise tonight and get Liesa to blog it... it's a bit nasty - mind you it didn't hurt at the time due to all the adreneline rushing through my veins... A great day had by all, we always enjoy the Expo days - thanks to everyone for being patient with the heat - we know it was a stinking hot day.... Micky xxoo

Tanya said...

Hi Girls...OMG that looks sore...Hope it heals real soon hun..I had a great day at the woolshed...Val and i had heaps of fun and met some wonderful people...The Handmade Expo is a big credit to you lovely ladies..Keep up the great work...See u at the next Expo...
Big Hugs Tanxxoo