Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Stallholder Profile for Gold by Grace

Your name: Anastasie 

Your Business name and Facebook name and link: Gold by Grace, https://www.facebook.com/goldbygrace

The suburb/town you live in now: Ipswich

What is it that you make and what skills do you use?:  Greeting cards, invitations and wall prints - graphic design and foiling skills used. 

What inspired you to start your business? I previously worked full time in the fashion industry and wasn't happy. I have always loved stationery and wanted to execute my own creative vision in a supportive, inclusive and friendly industry. 

How long have you been ‘creating’? I have been creating for 2 years. 

Is it a full time/ part time/hobby or business? This is a part time business. 

Where do you sell your creations?: I sell on my online store and off instagram and Facebook plus now at The Handmade Expo & Vintage Market.

What makes what you do special or different? . My product is different in that I strive to have original designs that are cutting edge in the stationery industry and that can stand alongside big name stationery brands in terms of design and quality. My work is also fully customisable for my clients which I think is a special aspect of what I do. 

What is the most rewarding part of what you do? Positive feedback from clients. Exceeding their expectations and creating something they are so proud to have in their homes/gift to someone is really rewarding and makes going the extra mile a joy.

What is your favourite product that you make? My favourite product would be either my new Hamptons inspired card range (which I'll be selling at the market) or my book-cover inspired wall prints (which I will also be selling at the markets). 

Do you teach classes or workshops? I haven't ever taught classes before but would be open to teaching graphic design/DIY invitations and wall prints in the future. 

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