Sunday, July 5, 2015

Stallholder Profile Teapot Therapy

Todays Stallholder profile is Emily from Teapot Therapy

Name:  Emily Butler

Your Business name:  
Teapot Therapy

The suburb/town you live in:  
I am a local Toowoomba handmade business

What is it that you make and what skills do you use?  
I create handmade tea and coffee cosies. I also create vintage inspired homewares, including Cushions, Macram√© hangers, crochet clocks, rag rugs and other tea related items. 

 What inspired you to start your business?  
Teapot Therapy evolved from my love of knitting.  

How long have you been ‘creating’?  
I have always been creative.  From art classes, to being taught to knit as a child by my grand mothers.  And I’m still knitting 25 years later.  Just this year I have taught myself how to crochet, via the amazing technology of  ‘youtube.’    .  

Is it a full time/ part time/hobby or business?  
Teapot Therapy originally started as a hobby, with occasional markets on the weekends.  But I quickly discovered my little hobby would become my profession and my passion.

Where do you sell your creations? 
At The Handmade Expo in Toowoomba. My cosies are available online at my via store, at many local markets and at several stores located within Toowoomba.  Pop by my facebook page to see what markets I will attending!

What makes what you do special or different?  
I think the best way to describe what makes Teapot Therapy items special comes  directly from a customer. “Your cosies are beautiful!  So many you see are yucky acrylic ones in hideous colours, but yours are beautiful” - a customer at St Lukes Market September 2014

What is your favourite product that you make?
 My favourite product is the ‘novelty’ cosies. I love the way lots of little knitted pieces come together to create an amazing tea cosy.  Often I look at am item amazed I created it!

Do you teach classes or workshops?  
Currently I only teach one class with a local craft group.  But I’m always happy to help anyone with knitting questions.  Just stop by my stall at a market, with your knitting or yarny-question.

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