Thursday, April 22, 2010

STALLHOLDER PROFILE - Love, Marriage, Baby Carriage Gifts

Hi Everyone

We are very excited to start a new segment on our blog called STALLHOLDER PROFILE.

We are going to try this as a weekly feature, which we are really excited about.

We would like to introduce you to Sharissa Iuli from Love, Marriage, Baby Carriage Gifts

So, Sharissa, how long have you been creating for?
I've always been on the crafty side and have always loved and enjoyed making and creating things since I was a little girl. However it wasn't until about 5 years ago that I started taking things more seriously and saw that I could actually make money from doing something that I loved to do, so I began making baby and special occasion gifts to sell.

What inspires you and motivates you to create?
Ideas and encouragement from my family and friends motivates me to create, and I am always inspired by customers and people who love and admire my gift creations. Their positive and kindly words always give me a boost. Sometimes it's not always about making a sale as I really enjoy hearing great feedback about my work and it's very inspiring, although making sales is even better!

What is your favourite item that you make?
My favourite item that I make is the chocolate bouquet. I always have to buy extra chocolates as I just can't help myself when there's chocolate around, it just jumps into my hand, unwraps itself and then jumps into my mouth! Yum!

Where is your studio/dedicated creative space?
My dedicated creative space is in my garage, which has been converted into a 2nd living area/ studio/ workshop etc. The large space is perfect as I have plenty of room to create, store my stock and bits n pieces.

What is your most popular item within your collection?
The small nappy pram is by far the most popular gift as they are so unique. As the name suggests they are created with 2 hand towels/ burping cloths, 2 huggies NB nappies, a cotton baby wrap and a baby singlet and formed into the shape of a pram. They are our signature gift item, and are also my least favourite item to create as they are just so fiddly to make.

Do you have new products in the works?
At this very moment there are no new products in the works, however this can change at any time as I am always thinking/ brainstorming/ dreaming of new ideas to make and create.

Tell us a bit about your business/hobby?
Love, Marriage, Baby Carriage Gifts I'm a mum to two handsome and cheeky little monkeys aged 4 and 7 months. My business Love, Marriage, Baby Carriage Gifts (LMBC Gifts) offers beautiful and unique 'Baby & Special Occasion Gifts' especially for occasions of Love, Marriage and Babies. I started LMBC Gifts in 2005, making gifts for family and friends, but then moved on to a more commercial level in 2007. We create and offer gifts that are very unique and different, and that our customers will love and be proud to give to their recipient. Many of our new customers have received one of our gifts from a past customer and loved it so much that they have come to buy a gift from us for someone else!

Where do you see yourself in 2 years time?
In two years time I'd really like to see LMBC Gifts in a few retail stores around Brisbane.

What do you love about The Handmade Expo?
I love the crowd that THE market attracts, people who love and more importantly appreciate handmade and the work that goes into each and every piece or item that is created. I also love to shop at THE markets as there are always fabulous gifts and treasures to be found that you just cant find anywhere else. On top of that you are buying direct from the maker and supporting local men and women who do such a fabulous job in making their creations. I keep coming back because I love being a stallholder at THE markets, and the THE girls are so friendly and so great and they do such a fabulous job. My only problem with the THE girls is that they haven't started a market in Logan! ;)

You can find Sharissa at the next Handmade Expo market on May 15th.

A big thanks for Sharissa for taking the time to tell us a bit about herself and what she is all about.
We hope that you will enjoy reading the stallholder profiles as much as the stallholder enjoys writing them and we enjoy putting these together.

Liesa, Micky & Miriam


bubbachenille said...

It's so nice to find out about the person behind the stall...

Micky - Handmade Expo said...

I agree... and all our stallholders are just lovely people, it's definitely the "handmadies" that make it work.


Scurrette said...

Great idea ladies. I look forward to *meeting* more stallholders in this feature!