Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Stallholder and Customer Incentives for the MAY Market

Hi Everyone.

We would like to enlist your help in an idea we have for getting more customers though the gate. The incentive will last up until the 14th May, one day before the May Handmade Expo. We will be giving away to two stallholders a half price site fee for their next market (after May) Which will be in a refund form.
For the customers...we are giving away a $25 Handmade Expo GIFT VOUCHER.

Here's how to enter the incentive for May:

We would like you to get on the net working for yourselves and in turn for us, the more customers, the more stallholders, the more customers, etc, see how it works?

For every time you do something to publicise The Handmade Expo, send us a link or copy of advertisement that you have done ( We will tally everyones good work the day before the May market and the two stallholders with the most links (and other things done that aren't on the net) will get their next stall half price. (not including May) The Customer that has generated the most advertisements/publicity will also be notified. If this is successfull we will continue to offer incentives.

Here are some ideas, but you will probably come up with some more:

You can share The Handmade Expo blog posts on your Facebook or twitter (if unsure how to do this please ask). There is no limit to how much you can do.

Invite friends to The Handmade Expo Fan Page which you can find HERE

Suggest The Handmade Expo to all your friends on Facebook.

If you see someone else has Facebooked about the market, share that on twitter, Facebook or on your blog, etc.

Whenever you use the words The Handmade Expo, make sure you link to The Handmade Expo blog or The Handmade Expo Facebook page.

Do blog posts about The Handmade Expo, your experiences there, your stallholder neighbours, products you are working on to take to the Handmade Expo, etc

Put our logo on your blog/website, and also all the dates.

Email your address book about The Handmade Expo. (copy us into the email).

Mention The Handmade Expo on any forums you are on or chat rooms.

Have a pile of our date flyers on your table when you are at other markets.

Have some flyers with you when you go out.

See if the school, sports, church newsletter will pop something in their newsletter to help promote you (please provide us with a copy).

Put our flyer or yours up on the notice boards.

Send press releases to your local newspaper, ie; write a story about yourself mentioning that you can be found at The handmade Expo (please email copies)

Can you think of other things you can do to help promote your business (and in turn The Handmade Expo)?

This incentive will start on Sunday 18th April.

Go for it and good luck!

Liesa, Micky & Miriam


Kellie Christie said...

I have already been doing all of this! I am awesome :-) See you Saturday ladies. Good idea too, hopefully everyone will jump on the band wagon and we will get more people coming.

Swift Jan said...

WOOT!! Sounds GREAT! Now where do I get a hold of fliers? And posters?

bubbachenille said...

Kellie, You are so good at this, maybe someone would like to compete with all your good work !

Swift Jan, If you email Liesa she will email you a copy of the flyers, (3 to a page and you can do a print job ) May have some spares in Handmade Heaven too. Thanks, are you going to give Kellie a run for her money ?

Swift Jan said...

I'm gonna try! Hehe

I SEE THE BRIDGE! ( Linda Lilly Cottage) said...

Will do! Do you have a dates brochure flyer we can download and print out?
Also on your side bar with the dates on in, there is a typo....just thought I would let you know...
Kiss Noises Linda

Linda Lilly Cottage again. said...

OK now I read Mumma Bubba's comment, I should have just emailed you...doh! i don't like to read the comments first in case I forget what I was going to say!
Kiss Noises again, Linda