Monday, February 1, 2010


Hi Everyone.

There seems to be a few markets getting around the traps at the moment...Therefore, we would like to put it out there why you should come and be apart of The Handmade Expo.

WE ARE ALL HANDMADE...this is what we love and are passionate about. From Food to Clothes to Fresh Produce and so much more. We love local and support local. We do not allow imported or manufactured goods into our market so there is no competing with low low low cost imported items. We are the original Handmade market of Ipswich.

WE ADVERTISE... We believe that your hard earned money that pays for a stall should go towards advertising (as well as other costs of course). We advertise in the local papers, Handmade Magazine (national), Peekaboo Magazine, school & council newsletters, Event Calanders on the internet, blogging, facebooking, twittering, large banners and signs at the Turf Club and at Riverlink Shopping Centre, Large shopping centre signs, Professionally printed brochures which we hand out at the market, letterbox drop in Ipswich and Brisbane and also handout to all the customers who go through Handmade Heaven, we put them on notice boards and get our loyal stallholders to put them on their market tables (wherever they may be), Radio (interviews and advertisements). We also have A FRAME signs that go up on the main road the day of the market + we have a blowy man to catch passer bys attention.

VENUE...We operate at a high quality venue. The exposure is priceless with THOUSANDS of cars passing our banners and advertising all week. Easy access, Easy and free parking, GREAT facilities. The areas available at this venue range from undercover, shady, grassed and paved areas...


WE RECEIVE SUPPORT... from Ipswich Mayor, Paul Pisasale (who has come to almost ALL of our markets)

WE LOVE...our stallholders and acknowledge that without you, our market would not be possible

WE OFFER...a full day that we have secured the Swanbank Steam Train pickups/dropoffs this gives customers a full day to browse, shop & train ride

WE HAVE SECURED...Bus trips throughout the year to come specifically for The Handmade Expo.

WE ARE ORGANISED & FRIENDLY...We allocate areas, we confirm payments and we are 100% approachable for all of your needs and feedback

WE ARE CUSTOMER FOCUSED...We are always friendly to our customers...everyone who walks through our doors, we make them feel welcome and want to return.

WE NO LONGER...have an entry fee...We were charging a $2 entry fee, however, we have reached the point where this no longer needed to ocurr

CONFIDENCE...We have built up both stallholder and customer confidence

DATABASE...We have a very large database that reaches both stallholders and customers once a month of which this increases every day.

COMPARE...We would like to compare markets and show where we sit in the MARKET WORLD :)

Small farmers market $10 -$15
Trash n treasure $15 - $20
Mixed variety including imported and manufactured goods $20 - $40
Handmade Expo $50 including farmers and gourmet food supporting local
retail precint mixed market $55 - $80+
Brisbane based market $55 - $220+

REGULAR...Management meetings to cover feedback and how the market went and what we can look at changing to make it better for both stallholders and customers.

WE HAVE...Room for everybody that grows, bakes & makes.

OFFICE...Handmade Heaven (downstairs in The Old Flour Mill, Brisbane Street, Ipswich) is part of The Handmade Expo and is available for you 6 days a week. We have eftpos/credit card facilities for you to use...even over the phone transactions for your convenience.

WE SPECIALISE... in what YOU do.

We are so excited to bring you The Handmade Expo in 2010 and look forward to seeing all of you on the 20th February.
If you would like to book a market stall, we have them available to download on our blog on the right hand side, we are also available on email at or you can call us on 0422876154.

Thanks for tuning in.

Liesa, Micky & Miriam


bubbachenille said...

I cant wait to come myself, but to also see all new and familiar faces back again.

jknee said...

Well said guys! It is a one of a kind market we absolutely love coming and will be back for 2010 you guys are awesome keep up the fantastic work you do

Scurrette said...

we'll all be there!

I'll come in sometime this week to pay for our 2 stalls.

Micky - Handmade Expo said...

Me too... looking forward to 2010 with everyone.. it's such a great day and jknee... you are very welcome!

Kathrine's World said...

I come to look at all the wonderful crafts you have. This year I will be buying handmade gifts for everyone on Birthdays and Christmas. Its a great place to meet the girls and enjoy some quality time. Oh and the cup cakes.

Bec Lewis said...

I'm really looking forward to being back on board with you lovely ladies. Heres to a big 2010 x

Bronwen said...

I have been busting t join in but as luck would have it I work Saturdays *sigh*