Thursday, February 11, 2010


Hi Everyone.

Not only is insurance an extra cost if you are doing markets, but if you are only doing a few a year OR you only do 1 market that covers you, the extra cost doesnt seem worth it.

Most markets only cover for PUBLIC LIABILITY insurance (and charge you an extra premium), well, The Handmade Expo has gone the extra mile. If you have a stall at our market, we provide insurance for ALL of our stallholders which covers PUBLIC LIABILITY and also PRODUCT LIABILITY. This means, that if you do our market ONLY, you will never have to obtain MARKET INSURANCE. A saving for our wonderful stallholders and this is at NO EXTRA COST.
If you have Market insurance, we do not offer a discount, but you should ring your insurance company and advise that 12 of the markets that you do with The Handmade Expo every year are covered for insurance. They may offer you a discount or saving on your premium...(depending on insurance company, policy disclosure statement, etc).

So, just something a little extra that The Handmade Expo does for YOU...

See you at our next market...February 20th...

Liesa, Micky & Miriam