Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Some Fabulous Advertising


We just had to share this wonderful article that has been placed on http://www.ausemade.com.au/national/articles/australia/hand-made.htm

Check it out...its pretty special.

Also...we were mentioned on the Great South East on channel 7 on Sunday night. Sometimes, we are not aware of these sorts of things, so if you see something like this, please let us know...this did generate quite a few enquiries. You can see the WHATS ON ARTICLE here: http://www.greatsoutheast.com.au:80/gsec2cqw/story.asp?weekID=493&storyID=2302
Liesa, Micky & Miriam

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Trish Goodfield said...

I finally had time to go over anf have a thorough read. Well done.