Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ipswich Vigoro Final Funday..Been and Gone Update


We had our Ipswich Vigoro Final Funday Market on Saturday. We ended up with 26 stallholders on the day which was an amazing response and we have been advised that there was approx 650 people that came through the gate.

This was The Handmade Expo's first OUTDOOR market, so we were keen to get in there and give it a go...It was a great experience to look at and see how it was all going to run, and smoothly it did. The weather was not too bad either..The rain stayed away, however, it was the wind that got us!

We were happy with the setup and it looked great..A Mini-Market.

We did have some feedback from the stallholders, which was very mixed. We had some that had a fantastic day, some that had a good day and some that didnt have a great day, but even so, still enjoyed being there, around other stallholders that had the same passion for Handmade. We also had a great day with handing out hundreds of brochures to the public to put on their fridge to remember to come to all of our other markets.

It is hard being in the first year of doing The Handmade Expo. We really love trying new things and being invited to new and different events, so we would like to send out a huge thanks to the stallholders and customers who continue to come and support our new and exciting ventures. Each market that we do will determine its fate for the following years.

So, here are those photos...

Phyllis from Ma Ma's Craft & Elina

Colleen & Sherenne

View of 1 Side of Stalls (it ran in an L shape)

Miriam from Bubba Chenille & Sandra from Aunty Moo

So, thanks once again for your support. Our next market is being held on Saturday 4th April (next Saturday) at Goondiwindi. So, if you know of anybody that would like a stall, or even lives in the area and would like to come and have a browse and shopping day for handmade goods, please let them know.

Liesa, Micky & Miriam

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djl said...

Looks like a good setup..did you try out the vigoro??