Friday, December 5, 2008


As per a previous post, we mentioned that we were having firemen at The Handmade Expo on December 13th, selling their 2009 calanders to raise money for the Royal Childrens Hospital Foundation..Burns Unit.
I would like to introduce you to 1 of the firemen that will be arriving about 9am on Saturday morning.

A big round of applause please, goes to DALE.
We have met DALE and are VERY EXCITED to have him on board NEXT Saturday.

Another fab firemen that is attending is, another big round of applause to BRUCE..

So, come on down to The Handamde Expo next Saturday, purchase a calander for $10 and meet these hunky spunky funky firemen who are raising money for a great cause.

From Liesa, Micky & Miriam

ps...It is our pleasure!


Anonymous said...

You say it's your me honey it will be my pleasure!!! See you Saturday

Dorothy the Dino said...

Oooooo my heart is pumping lumpy custard. Damm I will have to work at my stall otherwiseI would be ogling and gogling and any other work you can think of. Will definitely have to bring my Camera.

See everyone next Saturday.