Thursday, August 4, 2016

Stallholder profile Henna Art

Todays Stallholder profile is Henna Art for our Ipswich Market.

Your name:  Laharika Donthireddy

Your Business name:  Henna Art, 

The suburb/town you live in now: Brisbane

What is it that you make and what skills do you use? 
Henna body art

What inspired you to start your business?
Passion towards art

How long have you been ‘creating’?
4 years

Is it a full time/ part time/hobby or business?
Part time

Where do you sell your creations? 
The Handmade Expo Market Ipswich

What makes what you do special or different?
Natural products

What is the most rewarding part of what you do?
Adorable feel on customers faces

What is your favourite product that you make?

My art

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