Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Handmade Expo at the Ipswich Show

Hi Everyone

We just wanted to let you know of a great opportunity that has come up under The Handmade Expo banner...

The Handmade Expo is taking out a 9m x 3m site at the Ipswich Show in May (13th, 14th & 15th)...
The Ipswich Show is a massive 3 day event with approx 25,000 potential customers looking and potentially purchasing your items.
We did this event back in 2009 and found it to be a successful day for 90% of people involved.

We have made 2 packages available...

Package #1
Selling and promoting your product and business...Now, you don't need to be there to sell your product, we will do this on your behalf. If you take us up on this offer, we will require your items to be either dropped off at the showgrounds on the Thursday 12th or if you were to send your product, we will need to receive it on or before the Wednesday 11th May. We are not taking a commission on sales...everything you sell, you get back..We will require you to price your items (perhaps with your business card attached).
We would require approx $500 worth of stock from you to make it worth your while. This will give us stock to "restock" with all the time.

Package #2
This package is promotion only. So a whole stack of your business cards or flyers which we will place on a promotions table for potentially 25,000 customers to take..Once again, if you would like to do this offer, we will require your promotional material to be dropped off at the showgrounds on the Thursday 12th or if you were to send your promo material, we will require it in our hot little hands on or before Wednesday 11th May...

We believe that this is a great opportunity to sell and promote yourselves and would love to help you....

If you are interested in either of these, we will require your payment on or before the 22nd April (we have extended payment date)

You can direct deposit into

BSB: 064417
ACC: 10651469
Please use your name and show as a reference...

We hope that you are keen to be involved.


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