Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Handmade Expo - October - Market Wrap Up

Hi Everyone

Ok, So who has chapped lips?
We do!!!!

So yes, it was soooooo windy on Saturday, but 70+ stallholders braved the weather as did over 1,000 customers. So, we would like to thank you all for that.

Apart from the wind blowing our hair, stock, canopies, etc, the market was a goodie. The Steam Train ran on time and seems to be very popular. Bethany Kindy had a wonderful day with the sausage sizzle...raising a good amount of funds for some shade for the play area and the general feedback from customers and stallholders was very very positive.

See, we asked for no rain, and that is what we got. We just forgot to ask for NO WIND!!!.....

So, our November market is shaping up to be one of the biggest markets of the year. Last year we had 135 stallholders and over 2,000 people through the door...We hope that you can help us make this one the same, if not better.

We have SOULMAN back playing his little heart out....We have the Firemen from the 2011 Firemen's calander gracing us with their presence, raising funds for a needy cause. We have the Swanbank Steam Train back in full force PLUS we have a competition for the stallholders...THE BEST DRESSED XMAS STALL...The winner of this comp will choose a charity for The Handmade Expo to donate $100 too...

So, tell all your friends about the November 20th Market at the Ipswich Turf Club.

See you there.

Liesa, Micky & Miriam


Sienna May said...

It certainly was windy!! but what an AWESOME day! October was my 1st time at handmade expo, and it is now by far my FAVE market to be at! stallholders & customers are just devine...AND the ladies who run it are so well organised!! I can't WAIT to attend the November market x

Debbie said...

Thanks for keeping the market going even with all the wind - I had a good day and slept very well that night :)

Can't wait until November