Sunday, September 12, 2010


Remember last month I gave you a heap of flyers ?
Would you please be able to hand them all out this week.
Here are some ideas where you can put them.......
Kindy Pockets
Notice Boards
Letterboxes in your street and surrounds
Shop windows/ shop counters
Make sign for the back windscreen or pick one up from Handmade Heaven
Your Hairdressers
Other business you frequent

Thanks so much, This will help promote your stall and in turn promote the market!

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Linda Lilly Cottage said...

Wouldn't you know I gave out a heap at the markets today from my new little cottage AND one lady was very excited to find out about it and even more excited to find it was in IPSWICH where she lives!!! How did she slip through the net in the last two years...doesn't matter caught her now! She will be there I am sure!
Kiss Noises Linda