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Ok, so we would like to announce the next stallholder profile is Lisa Carter from Cute As Buttons. Lisa was lucky enough to get her stallholder profile selected to be in the newspaper ads this week. You can see it in the Ipswich News, Westside News and also the Queensland Times....Congrats Lisa....We are now going to showcase Cute as Buttons ALL week on the blog as well.

Lisa has been with The Handmade Expo from DAY 1. She is not only a very loyal stallholder of The Handmade Expo, but she is also a great friend.

So, Lisa...How long have you been creating for?
I've been making and creating for as long as I can remember. I come from quite a creative and handy family so it has always been part of life. We are quite adept at multi tasking and even when we relax we like to have something to keep our hands busy! My Nin could crochet, drink a cup of tea, finish a crossword and keep an eye on Wheel of Fortune simultaneously. I haven't quite mastered that level of skill but I am working on it. I began creating for Cute as Buttons in April 2008.

What Inspires and Motivates you to Create?
I am inspired by my children, things they need and like. By fabric and textures that I want to play with and explore. I'm also inspired by occasions - I often make things because I want something special to mark or celebrate an event.

What is your favourite item that you make?
Currently, my favourite items from the Cute as Buttons range would be the Personalised Name towels. I love the way they look and I think they are such a great 'Welcome to the World' gift for a new bub. I am also a bit fond of the Babushka Doll. She is so sweet! I really enjoy making the hair ties and yo-yo clips as well. I find making them relaxing and almost like a therapy.

Where is your Studio/Dedicated Creative Space?
My creative space is in my children's playroom. I have a dream that they will play contentedly by my feet as I happily sew. It hasn't happened, yet, but I continue to dream.

What is your most popular item within your collection?
I think the appliqued singlets are always popular and the bath towel sets would be a close second.

Do you have any new products in the works?
I have a couple of new designs for the boys that I am playing with. The Babushka is about to debut on towels and singlets. I will be introducing some appliqued tote bags for ballet, toys or shopping in summer and I am also working on a new design for the girls but I will need to practice my screen printing skills a little further!

Tell us a little bit about yourself, business/hobby:
I have always loved making things and playing around with fabrics and finishings. I like wearing things that are a little bit different or unusual and when I had my three little buttons, I wanted to be able to dress them in things that were as unique as they were. As a Mum to 3 very busy buttons and from my years of teaching in the Early Years, I saw a need for practical, play suited clothing that was also unique and fun to wear. I really believe that children should be able to explore the world without having to fuss about their clothes. This led me to develop Cute as Buttons.

Where do you see yourself in 2 years time?
In two years time my Little Buttons will all be at school and I will be sewing in the daytime instead of very late at night! I will be in my own creative space instead of the playroom. I will still be thinking of new designs and products. More than likely I will still be coming up with ways to justify purchasing the extraordinary quantity of buttons that I have in my house.

What do you love about The Handmade Expo? and why do you keep coming back?
I love Liesa, Micky and Miriam (in alphabetical order, girls!). I love their passion for Handmade and for Ipswich. I am based in Brisbane but my Mum's family has been part of the Ipswich community for six generations so the ties are strong. I like to think I am continuing to contribute to this great, little, town.
I like the people I have met and the friendships I have made. As a child, I remember shopping with my Nin, my Mum and Aunties and taking an hour to walk a block because they would encounter friends and we would stop and chat. That's what I like about The Handmade Expo - it has that same feel of community. I like to see the babies each month and chat about how they've grown. It's an environment where people take an interest and invest time in getting to know you. The Handmade Expo girls have worked really hard to maintain that same feeling as the market has grown and that's why I make my monthly trek to the Turfclub.
I should also mention that I get to spend the day with my Mum, Mary, once a month and I don't have to share her with anyone else! That's also pretty enticing. "

Thank you so much Lisa for taking the time to complete the online stallholder questionnaire and also for your very kind words. If you are a stallholder of The Handmade Expo and you would like your profile up in lights, we would love for you to complete the online stallholder questionnaire.

Liesa, Micky & Miriam

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