Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Hi Everyone

Ok...so we just had to blog about this....AGAIN. We don't often get frustrated or upset...we normally take it on the chin and move on. 2 things have happened today that have really made the day seem challenging.

Every month we put in the hard yards and hang up our signs around Ipswich. We have 20 of them that we take a couple of hours on the Sunday before the market to put up on poles/trees, etc to let the Ipswich public know that The Handmade Expo is on.

Now, we are trying to run a business and join together to help make Ipswich the most liveable city in the world...bring and sustain a market monthly to this wonderful town of ours.
To the people who have complained to Energex about having our signs on poles...WHY? how does it effect you? Surely you have better things to worry about. You obviously have too much time on your hands to be worried about our signs, may we suggest you stay at home and handmake somethings to fill all your liesurely hours instead of looking for something to whinge about! We find it exciting to see signs around, advertising local events. Ok, so a market is not your cup of tea, thats cool, we get that, you could have rung us and we would have been more than happy to take them down ourselves. You have got what you wanted...ENERGEX have confiscated them from us and destroyed them..2 less signs for us to put up every month, costing us money. Thank you.

Now...to the people who keep STEALING OUR SIGNS...STOP IT!!! Why do you keep doing it? do you use them to write "GARAGE SALE" on the back. You may think that it is just a corflute sign however, these cost us a lot of money to get done. They are worthless to you, so STOP STEALING THEM.

We will offer a reward to any HANDMADE EXPO signs that are found around the place.

Now, we could not close on this note. To a more positive note:

We have been challenged. HOW you might ask? Well, we have been challenged to be seen on the TODAY program. They will be at Queens Park in Ipswich on Friday. We are taking 2 CORFLUTE signs for The Handmade Expo up to the park to flash around and hope to be seen and spoken to on camera. We know it is a long shot, but we are going to give it a go anyway. We never let a challenge slip us by. WISH US LUCK

Liesa, Micky & MIriam


bubbachenille said...

Revenge is sweet !

Violet LeBeaux said...

Good luck! Oh man people can be such morons, I can't believe they would actually complain to Engergex *_*
Ugh every time I think I've seen it all something else surprises me in a bad way :(

Swift Jan said...

Gosh, I am sorry people are so lame about petty things like signs.

My only explanation is that they were once not allowed to put up a sign so now they dob on anyone who does. Silly people!!
If I lived on a main street I wouls happily put a sign on my fence for you, but alas I live on a quiet street.

Good luck for friday on the today show :)

Dorothy the Dinosaur said...

Some people have nothing better to do with their lives, but I believe in "What goes around, comes around"
Good luck with the Today show, we will watch out for you tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

We must realise that Energex are so broke that they need our signs to write on the back of to let us know that our power charges are going up.They have obviously forgotten they now have competition and I for one will be changing suppliers. They probably had 2 complaints so they must do as they are told. How many GARAGE SALE signs are still there long after the sale is over. Why not complain about that. Another supplier certainly looks good to me.