Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Victorian Bushfires


Majority of our posts are positive and uplifting, however, we could not go past without placing a post on our blog about the Victorian Bush fires.

This is a devastating disaster and our thoughts are with everybody involved, from the victims to the victims families to the Firefighters and all the Volunteers from the Red Cross to the Army to the family down the road providing food, clothing and their rooms.

We sit and watch the news over the past few days with tears in our eyes, wishing we could do more than watch...so, this is our chance to give back and to help these people who have been effected by these fires.

With respect to our March 14th Handmade Expo, we will be donating to the Victorian Bushfire Appeal. We will be donating 30c out of each paying adult to this very needy cause. We will also be taking donations on the day which will go directly to this appeal. If you would like to make a donation before March 14th, you can do so here:

you can make a donation by going to any Commonwealth Bank Branch.

Once again, our thoughts are with EVERYBODY involved.

Liesa, Micky & Miriam
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