Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Searching out a Stallholder!!

Yay, we finally adjusted our diaries and made it to "Old Petrie Town" to see one of our stallholders, Trish Goodfield of Trishalan Designs. Trish owns a fab little shop that in another life was a butter factory but now is her workshop and retail space for all her eco dyed products. "ECO" I hear you say? Yes Trish can dye a shirt only using one cup of water, very friendly on the environment, (mind you it was raining the day we visited!!)

Trish holds classes teaching people her art and from photos we've seen on her blog it seems all those attending are just dye -ing to do more!!

Trish is a very philosophical person and we enjoyed her hospitality.

Thanks again Trish and happy birthday for yesterday too!!

You will be able to enjoy Trishs' hand dyed products, fabric, threads and clothing at all the Handmade Expos including Jondarayan on Australia Day 2009 and Goondiwindi on April 4 th 2009.

We also had the pleasure of meeting Trish's husband Alan, the other half of Trishalan designs and Alan creates pieces from wood which we are hoping he will bring along to Jondarayan.

Check out Trish's blog and she has a new website coming soon

Note: Patchworkers go crazy for hand dyed fabrics! so if you know any mad about patchwork people, why not pick them up some fat quarters for Christmas from Trish on Saturday at the Handmade Expo.

Cheers! Miriam


Anonymous said...

I love Old Petrie Town...So glad that you have a stallholder from there, will certainly have to make a trip to The Handmade Expo this weekend to have a look around.
What awesome quality stallholders you seem to have. Can't wait until Saturday.

bubbachenille said...

Thanks, we think we have the absolute best stallholders going, make sure you come and say Hi to us... we are the ones with The Handmade Expo t shirts on!! We can't wait until Saturday. Only 2 more sleeps!!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful little shop that Trish has in Old Petrie Town, I have seen her fabrics at The Handmade Expo but will have to make sure I stop for a better look on Saturday. By the way... keep up the good work on The Handmade Expo, it is something that Ipswich has needed for a very long time - I am sure Ipswich hopes to keep you here for as long as we can, please don't go anywhere! See you on Saturday.

Trish Goodfield said...

Thanks girls. By our big sunny smiles you wouldn't know it was pouring

The Handmade Expo said...

Thanks Trish for making our visit so wonderful. Old Petrie town is a very warm friendly place and I am so glad that we made the over an hour trip to come and see you.
See you on Saturday