Monday, October 20, 2008

October..Been, Gone and Great.


What a great day. We just have so much fun. From setting up the pavilion on the Thursday and the Friday (which we think we now have down pat into 1 day...if all goes to plan)! to watching and helping the stallholders set up from 5:30am (or a little earlier for some), to opening the doors to the public waiting to come in at 8am.
The weather was fabulous for our outdoor stallholders, I think it made some of our indoor stallholders wish they were outside! The customers flowed in and out all day, eating sausages, drinking coffee and sucking on snow cones (all of which will be back next month).
We had very close to 1000 people through the door this month...very close to last months numbers. So, thank you to everyone who came through the door this month to support The Handmade Expo and also the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF). Don't forget, some of our proceeds go to this wonderful cause. Speaking of NBCF, Amanda and Susan from THE CUPCAKE STALL, sold their 100 NBCF cupcakes, so another donation to this great charity. GOOD WORK GIRLS.
There is only 10 weeks until Xmas...So, if you didn't start your xmas shopping this month, we will no doubt see you on November 15th to start. Our stallholders are very busy making XMASY things for you to purchase before the big day.
Here are some photos of the wonderful day.

Chris Carter Irresistible Scent
Rachael with her preserves

Keep your eye out for more photos and new posts during the month.

Liesa, Micky & Miriam


Anonymous said...

There is so much variety at the handmade expo it's so nice to see so many different things to buy for gifts that are going to be really individual for my family and friends. I'l definately be back on 15th Nov... Thanks again for putting on this wonderful market

Dorothy the Dinosaur said...

Great blog again girls, well done.

Bec said...

Last Saturday was my first visit to the handmade expo, and I was so impressed. I actually walked out with so many beautiful things, from kindy bags, children's clothing, buttons, a pin-cushion...oh my goodness I'm just realising how crazy I went. And I was being restrained too!!!! Kate wore her shorts from Bubba Chenille with one of TrishAlan Design's singlets on Sunday and got so many compliments, and then we went to a party on Sunday night and she wore her frilly pants from Made by Miffy, and Lee wore his car t-shirt (I can't remember who that was from and there's no label - but it's a gorgeous appliqued t-shirt). They both felt so special in their handmade clothing :)
Thanks for a great day - I'll definitely be coming to more!!! Cheers, Bec