Tuesday, September 30, 2008


So, once a month, we are doing a feature presentation on one of our wonderful stallholders. This month, we have chosen Cathy Reinke from Bearly Basic Creations. We went for a visit out to Cathy's store in Rosewood, had a chat and took some photos. We hope you like it.

Cathy has lived in Rosewood for approx 15 years and has owned her shop, Bearly Basic Creations for 12 months on the 22nd September, just gone. Cathy named her shop Bearly Basic Creations for 3 reasons. She is crazy about bears, she likes the basic things and she likes doing things the basic way. We asked Cathy where her passion for all handmade things comes from. "My passion for all things handmade came from my Nan (my Mums Mum) she taught me to crochet & knit when I was really little and the sewing and all other craft built from there. I have tried just about everything now, but really love the bear making and quilting. My Nan passsed away last year and not long after that, the shop came up for sale and I told myself, just buy it and live your dream as you don't know what is around the corner, and if I don't do it now it may never be the right time again. My Mum tells everyone it was a gift from heaven from my Nan".
Cathys favourite types of craft are "Patchwork and bear making. I Also love to hand stitch (embrodiery)" but Cathy's passion and favourtite things to make are "Bears and Bags".

You can find Bearly Basic Creations at 10 John Street, Rosewood, QLD, Phone: 0754642286 or email: pcreinke@austarnet.com.au. The website is being put together as we speak and will be available on the blog once it is done..so keep an eye out for it in the future.
Cathy offers classes in patchwork, bags, bears, dolls etc, so please feel free to contact the shop for further details or you can see Cathy at The Handmade Expo in October.

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Trish Goodfield said...

Great story. Its always nice to read the story behind the inspiration